shared bathroom

Farmhouse is on the way . Here is the bathroom the kids share . I just need to stain the cupboard now and redo the floor . It really feels like we are getting some now. Woo hoo. Will add more photos when the cloud decided to give them back. Lol.

Read all about it.

Sep. 27, 2016

Master bathroom

We are now n progress of completing the master bathroom . Woo hoo . Won't be long now . Check back for updates.

Jul. 9, 2016

Adding 1/2 bath Reno today.

Come back and have a look , small bathroom on a budget . Farm house country style . Comfy cozy , I call it. Love to have you here .

Jul. 8, 2016

Bedroom 2 now added .

Now to add the small 1/2 bath that the 2 bedrooms share . I'll add it , before and after tomorrow. Please join me back here.

Jul. 6, 2016

Bedroom 2 , will be added tomorrow

See back here in the morning . I'll be adding the 2nd bedroom . ( boys room ) .

Farm House, Before

Most walls done and floor done.

Living room wall , after .

Other Livingroom wall.

Finished wall close up

  • Bedroom 1 before

    Washed down and room cleaned . Ready for paint.

  • Bedroom1 one wall done

    One wall done and new shelving and closet doors and drawers painted

  • Bedroom1 new bedding .

    Accent wall done and she changes her style and adds different curtains and bedding. And on a budget. Entire room done for under 500.00 dollars .

Bad paint job , before Reno

Bedroom 2 , boys room . Before I began painting.

Bedroom2 wall and window before

This pick makes the window look dirty . It s now white . Yeah .

My grandson now dreams about driving all over the world

Feature wall done and bed back.

Bedroom 2 done and ready to use . Now I just need to paint in the Dino's . I'll post when it's done. Phwee

Desk wall after .

Light blue wall done and all stuff put back. Phwee I need a break.

  • Old smelly room . Master

    Can't wait to get it done. Very dingy and pink . Master bedroom .

  • Clean , primed and painted .

    Moved everything out . Now it's primed , painted . Clean and ready to move back in . Now to get rid of the 70s lights . Yea sorry they gotta go. But I will reuse them in the garden.

  • Done , decor and pictures up.

    Woo hoo , walls done . Decor and pictures added and new flooring in and bedding done . Wow time for a nap. More added when closet complete and room changed for summer.

Master bath , before Reno.

We are getting started in the master bath. Clean and ready to go.

2 master bath before Reno.

And the wall and tub view . A

With primer

With primer

Before staining cupboards and with primer.

Purple grey paint.

Oh l love purple. My new master bath wall color.

Purple with window primed

Purple wall & new mirror

Pictures up, woohoo

New rod and curtain up.

Next is the tiles and staining cupboards.

Kind regards , From My House to Yours .

Terrie Lynn Neudorf