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  • Good for pain relief.

    Now in Canada. Great for paint relief in joints and muscle. Provides nutrients you might be lacking.

  • Used for sleep.

    Even the celebrities know how great youngliving oils are. Peace and calming, valour, and lavender.

  • Using peppermint oil.

    Love peppermint brownies.

A great month to join me

Loving oils

end of dec is time for another giveaway.  leave your name and email , ill be having a free draw at the end of the month . Dec rewards are awesome , another great month for free product . I love it. Ask me how or follow the link . Sign in and shop at retail or sign up and in and shop at whole sale ! , with no minimum monthly order and earn yours today. Message me and I'll  help you. dont worry i wont spam you , i dont like spam either . Thank you and happy shopping . And enjoy . Youngliving has made a difference in my life. It will in yours too. My link is  .

My homemade bug spray.

Loving oils  

youll Need , a spray bottle that holds at least 8 to 10oz . Then I add 4 oz of witch hazel , 4 oz of distilled or bottled water . Drop in 8 drops of thieves oil , 8 drops of purification and 4 to 5 drops of peppermint .oil. Blend together and spray , before going outside . All oils can be found on my youngliving page. 

Bug off , flies away.

Take a small dessert bowl or tea cup. Add warm water and 3 drops of each of these oils and 1/2 a lemon cut in slices . 

Lemon oil . Lemon grass and citronella. 

Guarentee to keep those pests away. It smells a,axing but the bugs hate it. All oils can be purchased from my site . Youngliving


Terrie Lynn Neudorf