Landscaping around the Farm

Green house frame done , now to cover it .

Beginnings of out greenhouse . Woo hoo.

Started more flower beds . I designed it and hubby made it. Now to plant and finish it.

Want to relaxe and reflect . Take a seat . This is the children's gardens and flower beds. Dino land is taking over, haha

Turning it into an oval . Let's clean it up . Trim an edge and create a new spot for the birds to enjoy.

Pink container , growing nicely .

Love what children can do. Love to sit and admire thier creation , with my morning coffee .

Close up of the children's beautiful tea cup.

Birdy in my petunia , lol.

My amazing pink roses .

Sweet Williams and verigated ground cover.

Everything we make and do around the farm yard will be posted here. I hope you enjoy seeing everything on the farm . I'll be also adding as we prepare and bring home more animals . This year it's green house, flower beds , Gardens and horses . Along with our pets.