Hobbies, I do with my grandchildren.

I hope you enjoy seeing what we do in our spare time. What a way to relax and teach kids to be creative. They surprise me everytime. What hobbies do you do? What interests you. I would love to know. Is there something you love? Or want to know, just comment here.

  • Pickled eggs and carrots

    We have been very busy . Harvesting from the garden . Carrots , opinions garlic all from the garden .

  • Yummy fruit spread

    Peach , blue berry fruit spread . And we also made peach jam and canned peaches .

  • Bread and butter pickles

    Now all the cucumbers are done . The last where used to make bread and butter pickles . With more onions from the garden .

  • Ren on an old fence post .

    My first painting of and old fence post l it was fun and relaxing. This was a gift for my boss .

  • Home in Arizona

    Love it . I have more to learn . But this project painting class taught me so much more . It was a gift for a friend .

My first purple painting.

Purple flower done in acrylics . Level 1

My Grandaughter wanted a purple painting. This was my first attempt . She loves it. If I can do it anyone can . For any tips or tricks to get you started message me or leave a comment. This is a beginners level 1 painting. Painting really is relaxing and gets the creative juices flowing. 

Some of the jewellery we make .