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Aug. 18, 2017
Young Living Oils, a Chemical Free Life

Make a change and change your life. They are all natural and chemical free. Whether its for pain, cleaning your home or aroma therapy, we can help you do it all. I no longer use chemicals to clean or purify my home. It really works!

Dec. 27, 2016
How to prime paint and refresh your home.

Check it out. It's a great way to refresh your home for the new year. Hints and tips to follow along with a list of supplies. See it now. Just click the link.

Dec. 26, 2016
Mesa Arizona,USA

For the love of travel. Check out the article I wrote about my trip to Mesa. A great place to go during the Canadian winter. What a beautiful place with lots of things to do.

Oct. 14, 2016
New way to manage diabetes and pain in my life.

Have a look sign in and order or sign up and join me. Then you get the benefit of great product and at the wholesale price. I am a type 2 diabetic and this has changed my world. Or message me for more info.

Oct. 14, 2016

Country life in Canada . It's already begun . Without essential oils and the vitamins ,I don't know what I would do. Winter will not stop me.